About us

Company History

Polyshoe Co. Inc. was established in 2015, by a group of Filipino and Korean businessmen. The 60% Filipino and 40% Korean owned venture is engaged in the production of polyurethane outsoles, as well as fashionable, high quality and affordable footwear, to meet the demands of the shoe industry clientele.

Continuous commitments to serve the public became the topmost priorities of the company – leading to its business growth. The company undertook further studies and development of added features to the firm’s beautifully designed footwear.The ability and strength of the company to continually adapt and answer the ever-changing demands of the market (giving more to their established line of clientele than others would opt to offer), and its unfailing provision and further improvement of quality products with competitive prices, heralds the company’s secrets to its success.

Presently, Polyshoe Company Inc. houses 280 Filipino employees and 3 Korean Technician/Supervisors handling work operations for 12 hours a day to come up with its minimum required capacity of more than 100,000 pairs of PU Outsoles per month; and 100,000 pairs of ladies sandals and slippers with PU outsoles per month.

Its Facilities

With its continuous industrial upraise, Polyshoe Company Inc. has invested an enormous amount in all its facilities to further accommodate the needs of its growing market. Its office in Bancal Carmona Cavite which is also used as a warehouse unit comprises an area of 4,000 sq. meters.

Other than the company’s office and warehouse facilities, Polyshoe Company Inc. had added and continuously maintains a good inventory of different highly-advanced machines imported from Korea for daily operations in producing products of top-quality and durability. To better serve its customers’ needs, the firm had installed hi-powered and state of the art equipments such as: Electric cutting machines, Stitching machines, conveyors, laser system machines and electric ovens to name a few.

Mission & Vision

To engage in the business of manufacturing fashionable, cost friendly and durable footwear for ladies, men and children, as well as the production and marketing of polyurethane outsoles. To establish business trading on a wholesale basis. To provide the needs of the market and cater to technological solutions with supervision, expertise, and consultations by Korean experts for the betterment and growth of the shoe trading industry in both local and international operations.

Plans for future growth & Development

Polyshoe Company Inc. continuously work to maintain its foundation as a complete quality service provider and aims to enhance the variety of its products to benefit the different needs of its customers, and to further strengthen and lengthen its market to reach and serve the countries within the Asian continental region and international.

Footwear Customization

Customers nowadays are demanding ever-higher levels of customization that’s why our company values the customer’s personal choice & uniqueness and delivers the products according to their needs and desires. This is to elevate the customer loyalty and engagement because we believe that —they’re not a one-size- fits-all.

Board of Directors & Officers

Chairman of the Board: Myungsoo Jang
President: Jobelle Paula R. Cho
Director: Jun Cho